Mission Statement
Our Mission is to ensure value to our customers through our products and services rendered, while building strong relationships with our vendors. Our aim is to be competitive in the marketplace, to provide alternative solutions, and deliver exceptional service. 
Management / Producer Bios
Our History
The Zervos Group was formed in 1994. The Zervos family has been in the insurance business since the 1940's.
Community First!
Zervos Group, Inc. holds lectures and seminars and is proudly affiliated with a number of highly respected contractor's assocations.
Looking for a career in insurance? Teamwork, organization and a positive attitude are a few of the key ingredients that we look for in applicants.
We are continually looking for innovative solutions to level out the curves in our industry in order to provide future program growth and continuity.
For additional information on any of our services, please Contact Us.
Group and Individual Insurance

A variety of products are offered on a group or individual basis, such as:  

Life Insurance – Universal, Whole Life, Term Life, Group, Buy-Sell, Key Person and Mortgage Protection products. Licensed with nationally recognized carriers.
Disability – Income Replacement. Long Term/Short Term options.
Health Insurance – Provides routine medical care as well as protection for illness and injury.
- Large/Small Employer Group options available (e.g. PPO, HMO, HSA, Self-Funded, Prescription Drug Cards, Dental and Vision). Most options are available through carriers licensed in the State of Michigan, as well as many national firms and Third Party Administrators.
- Individual Health Products, both permanent and short term PPO plans and HSAs to meet changing needs.
Long Term Care Insurance – Assisted Living and Nursing Care Policy (Group LTC plans require 15 minimum employees to qualify for classifications with no health questions asked).
Warranty Protection
A focused program consolidating all maintenance contracts under one policy, resulting in a 20 - 30% overall savings. In most cases, your current repair vendor can continue to be utilized.
Miscellaneous Services
We have markets for the implementation of Section 125 (Cafeteria Plans or Flex Spending Accounts) and Premium Only Plans (POP). These products allow you to pay particular expenses with pre-tax dollars.