Mission Statement
Our Mission is to ensure value to our customers through our products and services rendered, while building strong relationships with our vendors. Our aim is to be competitive in the marketplace, to provide alternative solutions, and deliver exceptional service. 
Management / Producer Bios
Our History
The Zervos Group was formed in 1994. The Zervos family has been in the insurance business since the 1940's.
Community First!
Zervos Group, Inc. holds lectures and seminars and is proudly affiliated with a number of highly respected contractor's assocations.
Looking for a career in insurance? Teamwork, organization and a positive attitude are a few of the key ingredients that we look for in applicants.
We are continually looking for innovative solutions to level out the curves in our industry in order to provide future program growth and continuity.
At Zervos Group, we specialize in servicing the construction industry and we are a leader in this market.  We understand the unique exposures and tailor make a policy to fit your needs. For additional information on any of our services, please Contact Us.
Contractors Insurance

In today’s business world many unique exposures exist. Protecting your assets is imperative. Common coverages are:

General Liability
Workers Comp.
Professional Liability
Employment Practice Liability
We have experience working with many types of businesses (large, small, new and established).  Your insurance exposure can be determined by one of our knowledgeable staff members.
Surety & Fidelity Bonds
Construction is our specialty, handling all types and sizes of contractors from start-ups to large established firms working around the country.  We also provide programs for contractors needing small, infrequent bonds.
The focus of our dedicated bond department is to ensure promptness and efficiency.  This department manages all types of bonds including:
- Performance / Payment
- Subdivision
- Environmental
- Permit
- Fiduciary
- SBA Bonds
- Benefit Plans for ERISA
- Employee Theft
For clients seeking bonds in excess of $300,000 view our Submission Guide to start the process. After filling out the form mail, fax or email the completed for to our office.
For clients seeking bonds under $300,000, Contact Us and one of our bond customer service representatives will help you.
Construction Insurance
Zervos Group has been servicing Michigan’s construction industry for over 50 years.  We have been supporters and advisors with many boards of directors and organizations in the industry. Give us a call so we can help you.
Specialty Products

Products offered include the following:   

Trading Insurance
Electronic Commerce
Pollution Site Protecion
Pollution Insurance
The risks of hazardous waste are among the most critical issues facing the construction industry today.
Virtually every construction site carries the potential for environmental regulation, often involving time-consuming analysis, costly waste removal or remedial operation.  Zervos Group’s experts can work closely with you to find these exposures and tailor a policy to protect your entity.
Surety 2000 Insurance Document Manager
Is a government entity requiring that you file your insurance certificate or contract bond online? We can help you! Our firm is appointed with Surety 2000 Insurance Document Manager and can forward these forms online.